A Closer Look at Tactical Shooting Gear: The Ultimate Guide.

A Closer Look at Tactical Shooting Gear: The Ultimate Guide.

Posted by Jeff Justice on Aug 9th 2023

Tactical shooting gear is an essential part of any shooter's arsenal.

No matter if you're a police officer, a member of the military, or just someone interested in protecting yourself and participating in shooting activities, having the appropriate equipment can significantly impact how well you perform and how safe you are.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide for shooters. It will outline the essential components of tactical shooting gear and explain how each piece enhances shooting proficiency.

Tactical Firearms


  • Glock: Known for its reliability and durability, Glock is popular among many tactical shooters.
  • Sig Sauer: Renowned for its accuracy and quality, Sig Sauer is another top pick in the tactical shooting community.
  • Beretta: With its long history and excellent performance, Beretta is a reliable choice for any tactical shooter.


  • AR-15: This semi-automatic rifle is a favorite among tactical shooters due to its versatility and customization options.
  • AK-47: Known for its durability and high power, the AK-47 is a classic choice in the tactical shooting world.
  • M4 Carbine: This lightweight, compact rifle is ideal for close-quarter combat situations.

Tactical Shooting Accessories

  • Holsters: A good holster provides easy access to your firearm and ensures secure retention.
  • Magazines: Extra magazines are essential for extended shooting sessions and emergencies.
  • Sights: Tactical sights can significantly improve accuracy and target acquisition speed.

Protective Gear

  • Tactical Helmets: These offer head protection and often come with mounting systems for additional accessories like night vision goggles.
  • Body Armor: This can protect you from potential harm, particularly in high-risk shooting scenarios.
  • Shooting Gloves: These provide a better grip, prevent hand fatigue, and protect your hands from burns and cuts.
  • Tactical vests: Allow you to add ammo magazines and various pouches for other tools and equipment via molly webbing.
  • Plate carrier: These tactical vests also allow inserting bulletproof plates front and back.

Training Equipment

  • Targets: Whether paper, steel, or electronic, targets are crucial for practice and improving accuracy.
  • Dummy Rounds: These are used for safe training practices, allowing shooters to practice loading, unloading, and handling firearms without risking accidental discharge.
  • Tactical Training Simulators: These provide realistic scenarios for comprehensive training, helping shooters improve their decision-making skills under pressure.

In conclusion, investing in the right tactical shooting gear is crucial to becoming a proficient and safe shooter. Every bag is vital in enhancing your shooting skills, from firearms and accessories to protective gear and training equipment.