Being Prepared for an Emergency, Are You?

Posted by Dave on Jul 15th 2019

As the weather seasons seems to be getting more intense, it raises the question are you truly prepared to deal with a natural weather event and protect your family during a crisis situation?

The current flooding brought on by Hurricane Barry is a prime example of how a natural event can endanger your family. You may be asking yourself " what can I do about it?".

Information is key during an event like this and a portable radio that can keep you informed of what is happening around you is very important. Water may be everywhere around you, but having a supply of purified water available is very important! Wet weather gear is something everyone in flood-prone areas should have in their home. Food, shelter, clothing, security, all of these things should be considered when developing your emergency plan.

Think about what you would need if the power went out for a long period of time and plan accordingly. Always, be prepared and plan ahead.

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