Media vs the Outdoor Sports Marketplace

Posted by Dave G on Aug 16th 2019

Have you noticed how the constant 24 hour a day barrage of "news" affects your enjoyment of outdoor sports? We see and hear nothing but the bad news of mass shootings, gun control debates, politics running rampant everywhere. Makes a person withdrawn into their home and not want to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors doesn't it? 

How do you overcome the talking-heads spewing an endless barrage of opinions and out and out B.S. on a hourly basis?

For us, it is pretty simple. Change the channel, shut off the smartphone, get outdoors and enjoy the rest of the summer. Go camping, play paintball, play airsoft, go target shooting, go hiking. Ignore the media and their slanted opinions. Relearn the simpler things in life like sitting around a campfire and shooting the breeze with friends. Obsession with the "news" is what the media is counting on to keep your attention and control your emotions, so limit yourself to a hour of that and turn the channel! Hit the disconnect tab on your social media account and walk away. 

Life is too short to spend everyday worrying about who is mad at who, who offended who and which side of the political aisle is winning or losing. 

Hope you have a great late summer and fall! Get outdoors and enjoy it!

Justice Tactical