Weathering Winter; A Hunter's Guide

Jan 20th 2022

With meteorologists detecting a roller coaster winter this 2022 season, Justice Tactical aims to keep you prepared with our guide to winter hunting gear and apparel so you can start your season off equipped to handle anything.

When hunting in extremely low temperatures you’ll want to make sure you’re properly layered starting off with your base. This will be your first protective layer. Opting for moisture-wicking fabrics such as wool or carbon socks and garments will keep you dry and ease discomfort. Scentlok Baseslayer Pants are an odor-blocking carbon-alloy infused legging offering ultra-lightweight comfort without compromising the integrity and can be purchased here.

Next, you’ll want to add your insulation. This is going to trap your body heat in and allow you to withstand long periods outdoors. Justice Tactical recommends fleece, cotton, or wool insulation fabrics and a few of them. Allowing yourself two to three insulating layers gives you room to adjust based on your needs and the time of day. Browning offers 100% cotton camo layers for all sizes and can be found here.

Finally, you’ll equip with your outer shell. Opt for water and wind-resistant materials such as polyester, fleece, and wool. You’ll want a little space for heat retention and room for quiet movement. Arctic Shield offers lightweight fleece overalls and full feature bodysuits including detachable hoods, safety harness straps, quiet carry shell case, and more for a weather-resistant finish that will keep you entirely insulated. Browse our selection or Arctic Shield winter hunting layers here.

Don’t forget to round off your winter hunting with safety gear such as tree stand harnesses, knives, first aid kits, masks, gloves, and boots. If purchasing new boots, make sure to allow yourself two or three days to break them in before you start your hunt to stave off pain and blisters. Justice Tactical is your one-stop shop for all your Winter Hunting needs this season. Visit our online store to stock up and save big or call us today at (740) 777- 6952 and we’ll help your check every box off your list!