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Rothco Bug Out Bag Collection

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    Rothco Military Marching Compass

    Rothco's Military Marching Compass is liquid filled, the fluid will protect against excessive swing or wobble, improving readability while reducing wear. The compass also features a slide ruler, magnifying glass and an aluminum cast case. The compass is...

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  • Rothco Multi-Function Compass Kit

    Rothco's Multi-Function Compass Kit Inlcudes: Compass, Fahrenheit Thermometer, Hygrometer (Measure Relative Humidity), Mirror, Spirit Level (Bubble Level),Flint Components, Whistle, Magnifier, Ruler, Led Light, Uses 2 Lithium Batteries Style Cr1220...

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    Rothco Surgical Kit

    The Rothco Surgical Kit features all stainless steel medical instruments in a nylon MOLLE compatible pouch. The contents of the surgical kit include 2 straight hemostats, a curved hemostat, a pair of scissors, tweezers, a #3 scalpel handle, 2 scalpel...

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  • Rothco Survival Kit

    Rothco’s Survival Kit provides essential emergency survival items in a convenient 11.5x8.5x2.3cm Tin. The survival kit is ideal for the beginner preppers; the compact size makes it ideal for a Bug Out Bag, emergency car kit or just to have around. The...

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