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Military Gloves

  • RO4421-12632_1

    Rothco Fire Resistant Griplast Military Gloves

    Rothco's Fire Resistant Griplast Military Gloves feature a textured cowhide leather and cut & fire resistant fabric for maximum protection and durability. In addition these gloves feature textured leather palms, finger & thumb cradle provide extreme grip...

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  • RO3763-16029_1 RO3763-16030_1

    Rothco Hybrid Hard Knuckle Gloves

    Rothco's Hybrid Hard Knuckle Gloves offer stealth protection with hard knuckle inserts under the surface of the glove. In addition to the hard knuckle inserts, the tactical glove features synthetic leather palms for optimal grip, spandex backing on the...

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  • RO3455-2129_1 RO3455-2130_1

    Rothco Multi-Purpose Neoprene Gloves

    Rothco's Multi-Purpose gloves offers a maximum feel and ultimate protection from the elements. The gloves feature a waterproof neoprene shell with lining synthetic leather palms for added grip, elastic cuff for adjustment, and hook & loop closure. These...

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  • RO8417-9640_1 RO8417-9640_3

    Rothco USMC TS-40 Shooting Gloves

    Rothco's USMC TS-40 Gloves are made exclusively for Rothco and are extensively used by the USMC. The high-performance military style gloves feature hollow core fibers that retain body heat without overheating, breathable moisture-wicking fabric so hands...

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